Kumily Organic Agro Farming Pvt. Ltd. is an affiliated farmer company to WAPCO. The Kumily Farmer company of small and marginal Coffee (Robusta and Arabica), fruits and Spices growing farmers is set up during 2008. Fair Trade Farmer Producer Association of 3,800 members are the production base of the Company. Farmers are producing a wide variety of crops such as Arabica and Robusta coffee: 5,000 MT, black pepper, nutmeg, clove, vanilla, small cardamom, ginger, turmeric (500 MT), fruits, minor spices and aromatic plants. Company has a coffee pulping unit to produce 1000 MT of coffee parchment and is at Pushpagiri, MK Padi P.O., Iddukki Distt., Kerala State. The contact address is:
MK Padi P.O.,
Idukki District, Kerala State.
Tel: + 91 468225232.