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The four farmer companies; (1) Western Ghat Agricultural Products Processing (P) Ltd, (2) Wayanad Organic Agro Farming (P) Ltd, (3) Adimali Organic Agro Farming (P) Ltd, and Kumily Organic Agro Farming (P) Ltd are set up to involve and associate the small and marginal farmers into India’s economic mainstream. One of the goal of the company is to work for better economic returns, no crop loss during post harvest period, finished products to consumers. The farmers and company are fair Trade and Organic. Poverty reduction and better life to the marginalized farmers ae the goal of the farmer companies and is an innovative model in India.

Company is setting up adequate infrastructure in crop processing and value addition of farmers produces. Farmers are poor and therefore we are in need of large short term investment and long term investment to promote the company. Procurement of farmers produces at affordable prices and timely payment to farmers are needed to make vibrant economic atmosphere. Company need money for procurement of farmers produces at the time of harvest and investment is required for building infrastructure. Each company is in need of funds in the form of Short Term Loan for procurement and long term loan for development of infrastructure: processing facilities.

Though the Company is a business organization, it look forward for social funds in the form of loan from people and institutions who are interested to promote poor farmers and rural development at the current Indian scanrio of economic liberalization and market economy.

Your investment is assured with 20% return per year. Our bankers will guarantee all forms of investment made to WAPCO.

Buisness Plan Document.

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