Robusta Coffee

The Farmer Companies process and produces 2,000 MT of clean coffee and 1,500 MT cherry based coffee beans. The coffee is certified as Fair Trade coffee. The FLO ID Numbers are : 25884, 25885, 25886 and 22742.

Western Ghats grow large quantities of Robusta coffee. This variety is mostly exported to Italy and is having the qualities of specialty coffee. The average production of Robusta coffee at Western Ghats is over 75,000 MT.

Once roasted, Robusta tends to deliver a distinctive earthy flavour, usually with more bitterness than Arabica. This powerful flavour can be desirable in a blend to give it perceived "strength" and "finish", noticeably in Italian coffee culture. In France, blends with around 70% robusta and 30% Arabica are marketed as "traditional" coffee. Usually, coffee brewed from these blends or from straight Robusta is mixed in even parts with hot milk in a cup or bowl before drinking.