The Western Ghats Agricultural Products Processing Pvt. Ltd. Is a farmer company set up during 2008 for conducting higher value addition of coffee and spices to reach and deliver to consumers. The company is set up with an invest the promoters namely SHZW Netherlands, FFT India, AOFG India and Fair Trade Farmer Association of Chelambra (an apex body of Three Farmers Associations from Adimali, Kumily and Wayanad).

Wapco is linked Farmer Companies of small and marginal farmers of Western Ghats work for the value addition of Farmer’s produces; Coffee, Spices and Fruits, and market the produces for better economic returns. Majority of the farmers are Fair Trade Certified Farmers and practicing organic crop production. The participating farmers are over 25,000 with a production area of 65,000 Acres of land wih wide varieties of crops: Coffee, Spices, Fruits, food crops, Coconut, medicinal and aromatic plants. The focused processing facilities are for Coffee, Black pepper, Nutmeg, small cardamom, vanilla, coconut oil, essential oil from minor spices and aromatic plants.